Our Services

Our Services

At Project Control Academy, our goal is to provide project professionals worldwide with a one-of-a-kind, accessible, and efficient learning environment. We offer comprehensive project controls education through Online Training Programs, tailored Corporate Training Solutions, Expert Guidance and Coaching via the EPPIC program, valuable Premium Complimentary Resources, and our highly anticipated annual conference and expo, Project Control Summit.

Online Training Programs

Our online training programs are a game-changer when it comes to learning. We pride ourselves on providing you with an extremely flexible and convenient experience, which lets you learn whenever and wherever you’d like. We understand that life can get busy, and that’s why we strive to make our courses accessible to you no matter what your schedule looks like. Perhaps you want to improve your knowledge base from the comfort of your own home, or maybe you prefer to learn when you’re out and about. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Our courses comprise various professionally developed modules that come in video format. We want you to get the most out of each module, which is why we add new ones each week. This timing allows you to complete exercises and quizzes, take in case studies, and thoroughly understand each concept before moving on. We don’t want you to rush, but rather absorb all the content fully.

Completing our programs generally takes 4-8 weeks, but we don’t believe in time constraints. Unlike other courses, you’ll have full access to the training material for a year. This extended access means you can review the videos and content, revisit modules, ask questions of the instructor, and take the time you need to fully internalize everything! You can work at your own pace with this added security of instructor guidance for a whole year.

Corporate Training Solutions

Our team at Project Control Academy understands that training your project team can be a difficult task. It requires a lot of resources, time, and manpower to create effective training materials while ensuring that productivity is not affected. That’s why we offer Corporate Training Solutions to help you train your team like a pro, without committing any internal resources or disrupting their work schedule.

Our Corporate Training Solutions are flexible and cost-effective, which means that your team members can learn at their own pace and at a time that suits them. With our expert guidance and practical knowledge, your team will gain the skills required to successfully deliver projects and take your organization to new heights.

To learn more about our Corporate Training Solutions, click here to explore the various options available for your team. You can even schedule a call to discuss your specific training needs and how we can help your company excel. Don’t let training be a burden, let us be your solution. Get started today.

Premium Complimentary Resources

At Project Control Academy, we go beyond training programs to provide valuable resources and opportunities for project professionals worldwide. In addition to our acclaimed training, we offer live and on-demand master classes, engaging LinkedIn live sessions, informative technical blog posts, and a monthly newsletter.

Our monthly live master classes feature experts and thought leaders who delve into topics of interest to our global audience. With over 2,000 registrations on average, these classes foster a dynamic learning environment and encourage active participation.

To stay updated on our current events, you can click here. If you wish to be notified about upcoming live events, please visit this link.

We are proud to introduce the Project Professionals Network (PPN), a platform designed to facilitate connections and discussions among project professionals. By joining the PPN, you can engage with like-minded individuals, collaborate towards common goals, and unlock new opportunities for professional growth. Joining the Project Professionals Network is free and can be a significant boost to your professional network and career advancement.

Annual Conference

At Project Control Academy, we take pride in hosting an annual conference that draws in project professionals and leaders from around the world.

The Project Control Summit, organized by Project Control Academy, is a premier global virtual conference in project controls. It stands as the largest event of its kind, providing attendees with a transformative learning and networking experience. Our objective is to actively engage participants and enhance their professional journey, enabling them to excel in their careers and propel their organizations to new heights. To stay updated on our upcoming conference, please visit https://projectcontrolsummit.com/.

Expert Guidance & Coaching

Introducing the Empowered Project Professionals Inner Circle (EPPIC), an exclusive premium membership program designed to empower project professionals like you to thrive in your career and achieve exceptional project success rates. With direct access to renowned industry experts, thought leaders, and mentors, EPPIC provides you with unparalleled support and guidance in a private inner circle tailored to your growth.

As an EPPIC member, you will:

☑️ Benefit from personalized coaching and advice from experienced experts in project controls, project management, and project leadership

☑️ Receive one-on-one guidance on career development, project challenges, and opportunities

☑️ Fill your knowledge gaps in project controls and project management, equipping yourself with the skills needed to overcome challenges and accelerate your career growth.

Discover the full details of EPPIC at https://members.projectcontroltraining.com/eppic and unlock your potential for professional success.

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